Shake Weight Women’s- 2.5lb Tone Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest All At the Same Time, Great for All Fitness Levels


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Item weight: 1000 grams

Item Dimensions L x W x H: 12.5 x 5.1 x 3.7 inches

Color: White

Package Contains:

1 x Shake and Weight


Features and Benefits:
Fashionable appearance, compact and convenient, can be carried out at any time indoors, no need to choose a venue;
The handle is designed according to the ergonomic principle to ensure a comfortable feel;
Spiral vibration devices are added on both sides, and the motion principle of dynamic inertia is adopted
Through the rhythmic back and forth vibration, it produces a vibration frequency that has a good effect on relaxing the human body;
The exercise time is short and the effect is quick. Only 6 minutes of aerobic exercise a day can achieve the purpose of relieving neck discomfort, arms and beauty.
Shake & tone fitness for Women. The women’s shake Weight kettle bell is a revolutionary new fitness residue. It uses the physical principle of inertia of mass, also known as “Dynamic Inertia. With this dynamic inertia,
The weights is located on the handle creates a high level of energy to use of the Shake Weight Fitness, which gives maximum durability and maximum success with easy to and very busy Insert
This exercise equipment is designed specifically for women. Biceps, triceps, Schulte region and running training are carefully and effective stimulated with the unique principle of the women’s Shake Weight Fitness and sensational results can be seen in a short time.
This women’s shake Weight is easy to use and with its unique principle is attractive for beginners and experts alike. Women’s to the Shake Weight Fitness can be used alternately with either by hand or with both hands.
This ‘weight shake Weight works without power leads, pads or batteries.

Howe to Use:
Simply hold the Shake Weight Pro with both hands, lock your wrists and move the Shake Weight Pro slowly back and forth on an even plane. About 3″ in each direction.
Hold with both hands, elbows close to the body and tighten the muscles in your upper body
The faster you move it, the more intense the workout will become

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Shake Weight Women's- 2.5lb Tone Your Arms
Shake Weight Women’s- 2.5lb Tone Your Arms, Shoulders, Chest All At the Same Time, Great for All Fitness Levels
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