Quick 5 Second UV Light fix Liquid Plastic Welding Compound Glue Repair Pen Tool


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Material: Plastic
Dimensions of Product: 5.8 x 0.8 x 9 (L x W x H)
Package Contains:
1 x 5 Second Fix Repair Pen Tool

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This is an undeniable fact that every household always needs some kind of repair work in a way or another. Nobody can rule out the accidental breakage of different things. Things break and wear out from time to time. There are multiple things that fall in this category as toys, crockery items, stationary items, decoration items. A lot of things aren’t just well manufactured today, so the importance of any 5 second fix is perhaps more than a necessary item for anyone.
The 5 Second Fix is just like the shape and size of the standard pen. This pen has small Ultra violet light at one end and applicator on the other end. Because of its reduced environmental impacts and consistency; this applicator can also be used on leather apparels and handbags. The Ultra Violet technology certainly has some promising effects for various bonding applications. The joint of the bond is so tough that you can even pull a truck by using the tow wire.
The 5 Second fix is basically a liquid welding compound that can be used on plastic objects. The glue stick is accompanied by an Ultra Violet light. You just have to apply the liquid on the broken object and then you have to expose the bond with this UV light for about 5 second. You can use this sticking medium on a number of different objects as plastic, wood, metal, glass and more.
The best thing about 5 Second Fix is that it allows the user to position and repositions the bonds until you are fully satisfied to make the bond permanent. This process also allows you to avoid the mess of bond and re-bonding the object again and again. Another best thing about this solution is that is transparent liquid resin, which can then be painted into any color for unnoticeable pairing. You can also use the 5 second fix to form the simplest type of 3D objects as key hook. This feature is something that conventional bonding doesn’t allow the user to do so.
The 5 second fix can also be termed as the sticking glue, but with come added capabilities and without the mess that often involved in the traditional sticking mediums. This sticking fluid will definitely work at those places where normal glue often fails. The 5 second fix is 100% non-toxic, heat resistant and water proof. All the bondage items won’t be visible to anyone as it is completely transparent.
The use of the UV technology in the bonding is not a new one, because it has been used since the 1960 for various industrial purposes. This type of welding is also used by dentists to fix the teeth. The 5 second fix is the perfect item to use at the house, office or any other living work place. This product can also be used by enthusiasts, hobbyists and crafters.
How to use the 5 Second Fix?
The complete use of the product is explained in the following steps:
First of all, you have to clean the bonding surface from any type of foreign residual object.
In the next step, you have to apply the transparent liquid on the both surfaces that needed to be joined.
After the application of the transparent liquid, you have to join the both surfaces together in a way that both surface look like a single one.
When you have joined the two surfaces, then switch on the Ultra Violet light and put the UV light on the joined surface for about 5 seconds. You have to apply the light in upward to downward direction means you have to put light on the joined surface for about 5 second.
You are done!
Additional Features of the 5 Second Fix:
Multipurpose glue that works with UV welding
Instant 5 second fix
Can be used on various surfaces as metal, wood, glass and plastic
Permanent repair
Only cure with Ultra Violet light so that Items can be positioned and re-positioned as per requirement
Dries clear so that you can reposition anything

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UV Light fix Liquid Plastic Welding Compound Glue Repair Pen Tool
Quick 5 Second UV Light fix Liquid Plastic Welding Compound Glue Repair Pen Tool
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